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The Sex Pistols - No Fun - 1/14/1978 - Winterland (Official)

Ltd edition pressing of 30 red vinyl. Also pressed as 'Spunk 2' and 'Son Of Spunk'. LP pressed on red, blue, and white vinyl. I am pleased that the Sex Pistols recordings are being put out there for a new generation, however, I wish for no part in the circus that is being built up around it. However it conatins the same 12 tracks as Spunk. Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Copy of Acid Speed 4, including crudely copied labels, the same 'A side' label used for both sides. LP has the venues reversed on the cover. A later version was released on the Pistols' debut album. On 7 June —the Jubilee holiday itself—the band attempted to play the song from a boat named the Queen Elizabeth on the River Thames , near the Palace of Westminster. Some copies of No Future UK? This is not my campaign. Tracks incorrectly titled on labels: The production crew however instead played out with a clip of the Sex Pistols' similarly named song, much to Rosindell's discontent. I Wanna Be Me is not listed, but is on the record.

Not a love song sex pistols

Anarchy In The U. Released in four coloured vinyls; clear, red, blue, and green of each. Cover was exact repro of original. You write a song like that because you love them, and you're fed up with them being mistreated. No pressings list 'Flowers Of Romance'. The recording is reportedly taken from "master tapes" and is in the correct order, unlike previous releases of this gig. Screen On The Green, Islington, Limited edition of four copies. Although many believe it was created because of the Silver Jubilee , the band denies it, Paul Cook saying that "It wasn't written specifically for the Queen's Jubilee. Identical content to Club Sex Pistols Party, but with better sound quality. Includes insert with memories of the gig. Did You No Wrong Notes. Ltd to 30 copies. Comes with Anarchy poster, jigsaw, and Anarchy tour flyer. Side 4 plays Dave Goodman demos - all previously released. Ltd to copies. Unlikely to have been released. Ltd to 5 copies. White cover with yellow insert, blue labels. Generally sold under name, Live in Concert. A limited edition of orange vinyl copies also pressed. Compilations and box sets are listed at the bottom of the page. B-side side label has 'Not' stamped by hand above 'Side One' - two examples shown below. I am proud of what The Sex Pistols achieved and always will be but this campaign totally undermines what The Sex Pistols stood for. Halmstad 15th July Side One.

Not a love song sex pistols

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  1. LP comes with replica of original gig poster. However, 'Flowers Of Romance' is included, although not listed.

  2. The first record is listed as Halmstad, but the play-list shows that it is Stockholm, and same for the second LP, it is Halmstad instead of Stockholm.

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