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Right Said Fred - I`m Too Sexy (The Original)

A lesbian variation appears in Supergirl ; in the opening for "Supergirl Lives", Maggie Sawyer is wearing Alex Danvers' t-shirt the morning after their first night together. It's even worse in the alternate universe spin-off Sasami: In the course of the ensuing awkward conversation, the girlfriend mentions that she went to Stanford. In Shelter , Shaun is seen wearing a beige t-shirt with some kind if pattern on it. When Chloe tries to trick one of the doctors into thinking that she and Derek were having sex instead of trying to escape, she puts on one of his shoes. Naraku in his Kagewaki guise, at least when his body is not made up of a bunch of demon parts. This plan doesn't last past the morning after their first sleepover, when she wanders downstairs into the crowded diner in Luke's shirt having assumed that since he was asleep upstairs, it wouldn't be open. In The Heights shows Benny standing on his fire escape in the middle of the night. He's named after the goddess of beauty after all. Many of his subordinates follow him just because of his charisma and beauty. Charlie Sheen wakes up and puts on his lover's dress, then goes to the mirror and starts brushing his long hair. The band originally recorded it as an indie rock song: The audience then gets treated to a moment [[MsFanservice of topless Deborah Ann Woll as Karen pulls off her T-shirt and begins buttoning Matt's shirt. Apparently, it isn't until then that Zach actually realises that he's wearing Shaun's shirt, because the look on his face as he looks down on it is priceless.

I m too sexy for my shirt

Similarly on Suddenly Susan , when she stops by her boyfriend's house one morning. She isn't pleased to hear his ex-wife call out ot him, and is further displeased when the woman emerges from his bedroom wearing his shirt. In "As Good as it Gets", the crew is stunned when a girl they have never seen before wanders out of Sean's bedroom wearing Sean's shirt into the kitchen were they are having breakfast. In April , the song was rated No. It's actually part of her scheme to seduce him - and it works. While Cory and Topanga are discussing how to look like they made out without doing it, he suggests they both change their shirts. Also that time when Chloe tries to seduce Clark while somehow wearing his football jersey. The War Against The Chtorr. However, after she's switches sides she retains the outfit, and in later seasons it becomes more Stripperiffic. Also weirdly inverted in "Rhapsody In Blue", when she's wearing a pair of his underwear, despite the fact that they weren't even sleeping in the same room. Inazuma Eleven Most of the antagonistic teams in season 2 wear skin-tight uniforms and the members are pretty attractive unless they're a Gonk. In the movie Charlie Bartlett , Susan wears Charlie's shirt after they sleep together, while he puts his jacket and boxers back on. Since he is a dwarf, it isn't too large on her and actually fits her pretty well. An episode of Friends had the male version, with Ross and Richard wearing their girlfriends' robes. Zach, in his hurry to get dressed and sneak out before Gabe sees him, accidentally puts on that beige t-shirt of Shaun's. His English voice will have you melting into the floor. He also has a stylish suit and glasses and is very hot even while tormenting Negi. In Smallville , Lois is shown waking up one morning and wandering around Oliver Queen's penthouse wearing only his shirt. A very brief version happens in Eureka after Carter and Allison first sleep together — she gets out of bed wearing the top half of his sheriff's uniform. Nena Trinity is a rather polarizing Cute and Psycho anti-hero yet everyone, from her fans to haters, always get turned on by her spandex outfit that really highlights her curvaceous figure. Monk and the Panic Room," Monk suspects that Chloe Blackburn, widow of murdered records producer Ian Blackburn, is having an affair with someone after he notices an open bottle of wine in the dining room at her house, and Sharona points out to her that she's wearing a man's shirt. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her sexiness is the reason why Sanji lost his fight against her well, actually is was more to do with chivalry , but it played a part , while the latter defeated her colleague who is much stronger than her, and her fight against Nami was filled with a lot of Fanservice. For the rest of the episode, whenever he talks to the guy, he sees him in the robe. Which would be sexy, except Eddie was wearing a blue shirt the night before. In the first episode of Haven , Duke rescues an unconscious Audrey from the water.

I m too sexy for my shirt

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  1. Charlie Sheen wakes up and puts on his lover's dress, then goes to the mirror and starts brushing his long hair.

  2. In Arrested Development , after G. Then Casey walks in and shows why this doesn't work the other way around.

  3. In fact, most of the Akatsuki qualify for this trope, especially Sasori, Deidara and Hidan.

  4. Ursula greeting Phoebe at Joey's apartment wearing only a dress shirt as an indication they had or were about to have sex also occurred in an earlier episode.

  5. Janine just wants people to think they are because she wants to sell a sexy story to the newspapers, and Sherlock has no problem with her posturing because he wants to keep up the impression that he's dating her out of genuine interest and not because she's valuable to him for a case.

  6. A handful of Law And Order UK fanfics based around a relationship between Matt Devlin and Alesha Phillips reveals that she has a penchant for wearing his shirts and that he loves it when she does.

  7. Fate's Non-Human Sidekick , Arf, is blessed with the Most Common Super Power while wearing a Stripperiffic halter top with a bare midriff and a pair of short shorts that's unbuttoned and sometimes look like they're not zippered either, while Fate's mother is Precia Testarossa. But then again, this is Ray we're talking about.

  8. What are you implying? When she wakes up, the only clothing available is a shirt, obviously for his perverted enjoyment.

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